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I don't view this informal querying of a job aggregator to be the end-all absolute truth, nor do I really view it as a scientifically sound study, but I wanted just to make public last week the results of an job-market survey I compiled recently using data from indeed.com (an aggregator for job sites). I found it interesting that I was able to search a large percentage of the jobs available in the US and wanted to compare some various technology related keywords. The results, arranged by programming languages and platform architectures, were as follows: Java (-barista -coffee) 53,618 .NET 47,651 C++ 35,322 Perl 19,432 Visual Basic (or vb -visual basic and -visualbasic) 18,508 C# 14,319 ASP (asp -asp.net -.net) 12,100 C programmer (and c developer -programmer) 11,711 Cobol 6,713 Flash 6,353 ASP.NET (-asp) 5,644 PHP 4,194 ColdFusion (and cold fusion -coldfusion) 3,360 D... (more)

Blogging & Development Perspectives

Newly appointed CFDJ Editorial Board Member Brandon Harper writes: With the proliferation of many respected developers in the ColdFusion community sharing their experiences and knowledge by blogging, we've seen quite a huge jump in both information sharing as well as the discussion of best practices in software development. These increases in enlightenment also started happening around the time that ColdFusion MX 6.0 was released, which brought a pseudo object-oriented shift to programming in ColdFusion that has greatly influenced the direction of the average CF developer. Who w... (more)

Why Interfaces in ColdFusion Are Irrelevant

One of the many hotly contested items about ColdFusion in recent times that some developers have been clamoring for are the addition of interfaces to ColdFusion Components as part of the standard CFML language. At one time I was definitely in this camp myself - interfaces would indeed be a good way to make sure that components follow a given contract. However, after much thought about the underlying implementation of them at a compile time and runtime level, I find them to be only a semantic difference to what you can already do with CFCs. While something akin to a ... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: Why Java Is Not Slow

Not to directly pick on Peter Bell at all (he’s a very smart guy and I really enjoy his blog, so this is nothing personal at all), I just noticed something he mentioned in a recent comment on a blog entry and felt that it was something I should address in a blog post rather than a comment. Also, writing this entry gives me a good reference point later to send to people when they present the same talking point to me. Anyhow, here is the comment that Peter made which inspired this blog entry (which in context, is a quip): "I also have to question why you’d even consider... (more)

HTTP Status Codes: Do the Unthinkable

HTTP status codes can help you implement threading and more. Here are a couple of ideas. Although the power of ColdFusion allows us as developers to do many things very quickly compared to many other languages, there are times when we find CFML does not offer all of the functionality required to accomplish a task. It can be quite frustrating to find that your end result of many hours of programming is limited by your tools, rather than your skills or experience. In this article, I will show you how to implement a couple of interesting and relatively simple solutions to problems ... (more)